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The freedom to sleep

It took a week of false starts, insomniac nights and madly early mornings, but I have finally caught up on my sleep and normalised my caffeine intake. Flying to two funerals and three states probably slowed the recovery down a bit. It was a shitty way to land but it certainly cemented any thoughts I’d […]


Day 2 :: Sean :: Things get Weird

This is weird. Weirder than usual, I mean. There was a slight intimation before we went to sleep that something might happen that would affect our awakening, something we would discuss over breakfast. This I didn’t predict. A short time ago, the lights came on


Day 1 :: Fee :: The Untweets

The way I typically process my day to day existence is through twitter (I’m @feesable, although of course this week I’ll be unusually quiet there). I may hear or see something interesting and my first thought is to tweet about it, ideally with a photo. This (more often than not) generates responses from my online […]