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Choose your own adventure :: Thom

I didn’t really know what to expect before going in. Even asking questions they didn’t give me any responses which I think was good in some ways because it makes it a more unique situation if you don’t know the outcomes or process. And I guess that helps to create the unknown of the experiment […]


Day 5 :: Jen :: Full of Pep anyone?

There’s a questionnaire of feelings that we repeatedly have to fill out as part of our testing. It’s from 1971 and I don’t relate to a lot of the terms – does anyone ever feel Full Of Pep anymore?


Day 3 :: Jen :: …”while we ate our nutritious dinner-for-breakfast”

After a short dip in the Mariana Trench of sleep – my greedy brain went straight for the deep stuff – I was woken several hours before the others and had some time to myself to write in the quiet. That was bliss. I worked some more on the vague story I started on the […]