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Day 3 :: Fee :: we are cyborg

I want to start this post saying “It’s day three in the Big Brother House…” but truth be told, we can’t agree if it’s sometime Tuesday, sometime Wednesday or possibly still Sunday afternoon.


Day 2 :: Sean :: Things get Weird

This is weird. Weirder than usual, I mean. There was a slight intimation before we went to sleep that something might happen that would affect our awakening, something we would discuss over breakfast. This I didn’t predict. A short time ago, the lights came on


To Sleep, Perchance to Stream

*stands up* *straightens dress* *clears throat* *smiles, awkwardly* Good Morning. My name is Fee Plumley and I am a technoevangelist. I have used this ‘careerchoice’ as an excuse, a cover to conceal my addiction, for nearly seventeen years now. It’s time that I was honest with everyone – and myself – and admit that… I […]