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Professor Drew Dawson with Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic FM

Scientist Professor Drew Dawson spoke to Margaret Throsby about fatigue and The Subjects. Listen to the podcast here:


Aftermath :: Fee :: the photos are online

// i have also posted a slightly edited version of this on my own blog at // I’ve just uploaded a whole bunch of the photos I took during #TheSubjects. I sent some of them through to ANAT be uploaded while I was ‘inside’ but they didn’t seem to make it onto the blog, sadly. I’ve been […]


The Scientist :: Stas :: ‘they were a top bunch’

I don’t have much to say except that I really enjoyed our interaction with the Subjects; they were a top bunch. I hope they found their residency to be a rewarding experience both personally and for their creative process. It certainly was an interesting experience for me, the Subjects were very different to participants we […]