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I don’t have much to say except that I really enjoyed our interaction with the Subjects; they were a top bunch. I hope they found their residency to be a rewarding experience both personally and for their creative process. It certainly was an interesting experience for me, the Subjects were very different to participants we have normally recruited in the past (usually males less than 25 years old). Unlike many previous participants in the laboratory that I have been involved with, the Subjects were very interested in what we did and asked lots and lots of questions about everything – from the protocol we had them on and the tests they did, to the equipment we used. This enthusiasm was awesome (slightly overwhelming), but it was difficult to know how to respond at times to certain questions. Often vague, non-committal answers had to suffice. Maybe I should enter politics.

Aside from a few instances of “rebellion”, the Subjects were not difficult to work with and I think the Scientists and the Subjects developed a good rapport. I was certainly very sympathetic regarding their feelings for the PVT, and it was horrible having to be “mean” by breaking up their conversations in the hallway every so often. Even so, I enjoyed following their blogs throughout the week and it was good to see that they were generally positive about the experience. It was also very amusing to read their estimates regarding what day they thought it was!

Stas Kosmadopoulos

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