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Day 6.5 :: Jen :: Honest Clocks

If I’m not trapped in a time loop, there will be soon be a when. A when of time words, honest clocks, the polite consensus of day and night. It will also be the when of schedules, demands, deadlines, appointments and being pressed for time. And I’ll be grateful for all of it. The eternal […]


Day 3 :: Jen :: …”while we ate our nutritious dinner-for-breakfast”

After a short dip in the Mariana Trench of sleep – my greedy brain went straight for the deep stuff – I was woken several hours before the others and had some time to myself to write in the quiet. That was bliss. I worked some more on the vague story I started on the […]


Day 1 :: Jen :: in the Blue Room

I’m in the blue room. There’s nothing to distinguish it from the others except the colour of the door and the linen, my initials in bold type on an A4 piece of paper tacked to the door. There’s a partition drawn between the waking half of the room – a desk, a table and a […]