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Aftermath :: Sean :: Decompression is a Drag

It’s been one week since we were released. You’d think I’d have some profound revelation to report, but really it’s been seven days of trying to get back to normal and catch up on work. I haven’t even read my fellow Subjects’ posts–but that’s out of vulnerability more than anything else. It still all feels […]


Day 3.5 :: Sean :: The missing pieces

Quite a lot happened after my USB was taken away last “night”, but I was in no fit state to record it. Jenn and Thom went to bed first, while Fee and I stayed up for the late shift.


Day 2 :: Jen :: Hooked to The Machine

They let us sleep at last, gluing electrodes to our heads and plugging us in to the little board beside the bed which sends our brainwaves and eye movements off to be monitored. I have a tape measure wrapped around my skull and a blue line ruled on the top of my head, and then […]