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  1. james a. munsch :

    has anyone been fisted? post pics. k thnx bye

    honestly though… sleep dep is fun right? i was in the hospital for a month and couldn’t function in society for several months after. it was a constant state of pronoia at one moment, and paranoia at the other. not eating and sleep dep attributed a large part to this, that and hallucinations.

    if there is any one thing to be said…. remember this EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY.

  2. carolyn ryan :

    Are you having microsleeps? Once when sleep deprived I had them, and also kept seeing people who wanted to look after me. People kept asking me if I was okay, and I wondered whether to tell the extent of my hallucinations. Are you irritable? I dont think I was creative at all, except for my hallucinations which were beautiful. Do you feel disconnected from your bodies? and can you sleep on a chickens lip when you get out? being so exhausted?

    • jenjen :

      I could “sleep on a chicken’s lip” as you so wonderfully put it before the study – honed my skills from years of travelling. But for the most part I have slept terribly since the study. For the first few nights I could only get three-four hours a night, which was frustrating. I did have a couple of microsleeps in the lab. Hallucinations were par for the course, and it surprises me how much stigma is attached to them.

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