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Day 5 :: Sean :: Ms. PVT in leather

We’re all in agreement, rightly or wrongly, that it’s now Friday morning. So the time has come for us to start tying loose ends, and to do some of the things we talked about doing, if we haven’t already done them. No second chances. (If we do have an extra day, I’m going to look […]


Day 3.5 :: Sean :: The missing pieces

Quite a lot happened after my USB was taken away last “night”, but I was in no fit state to record it. Jenn and Thom went to bed first, while Fee and I stayed up for the late shift.


Day 1 :: Sean :: No surprises

Okay, so we’re in. After two years or more of talking and planning, this has finally happened! The project officially started at 9.30am. (In a sense it actually started three days ago, when those who drink coffee had to stop drinking it. We also all had to try to sleep for a solid eight hours […]