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The way I typically process my day to day existence is through twitter (I’m @feesable, although of course this week I’ll be unusually quiet there). I may hear or see something interesting and my first thought is to tweet about it, ideally with a photo. This (more often than not) generates responses from my online community, whom I love dearly. This connection to friends, family, colleagues and total strangers means the world to me.

“The Subjects” sleep residency takes me entirely offline and disconnects me from this community, but that doesn’t stop my trigger-reaction to WANT to send them messages and hear their replies. I mentioned this at our first ‘mealtime’ (when my co-subjects and I spend dedicated time together) and they suggested maybe that should be the thing I make while I’m in here. Actually, Jen suggested I get someone to set up a new twitter account for me while I’m in here (something like ‘@shitmydadsays’except more like ‘@shitfeecanttweet’) but I think a blog post containing my stream of solo consciousness, completely detached from any responses and with absolutely no idea if anyone replies or not for a week is more interesting – and less confusing for the twitterverse.

Here’s ‘chapter one’. There may never be a ‘chapter two’… only time (or a relative term approximating the passage of the thing we commonly refer to as ‘time’) will tell.

– #theSubjects aaaaand so it begins. arrived at 9.30am on Sat 9th Feb 2013. This is the last moment I will know the exact time/date until I exit on Feb 16th. wild

– #theSubjects Vicki tells me they usually give Subjects a rectal thermometer during their residencies but @__ANAT felt that wasn’t strictly required for us! #phew

– #theSubjects there’s a driving test! like i don’t do enough of that already (well over 3000kms so far). wonder if they’ll take me off the road if i fail ;P

– #theSubjects first things first: set bus as desktop wallpaper instead of the HORRIBLE Windows “bliss” bleurgh. ok, now get off the computer…

– #theSubjects oops, seems the desktop photo on a white background contained too much light… #denied

– #theSubjects replaced photo w/ a darker one (still bus). also not allowed, apparently “for consistency” /sad face/ wish i’d printed a photo of her…

– #theSubjects just woke up from first ‘nap’ & my first instinct was to reach for my mobile. dammit

– #theSubjects co-subject Thom demands consistency by ALSO having my photo for his desktop. @adelaidesean agrees. sadly not what they meant (but thanks guys x)

– #theSubjects i suppose my co-subjects are missing their humans. i’m feeling sad because i’m really missing #homeJames. am i weird?

– #theSubjects we’re given psychological tests thru the rezzie. a lot more than i anticipated. & we’re also sposed to be ‘making something’ each ‘day’. 1/2

– #theSubjects i think this ‘untwitter thread’ is mine for ‘today’. sorry that it doesn’t contain images. 2/2

– #theSubjects been spending my spare time catching up on “The Wanderer” ( member’s mag). calling it #buspr0n. making me happier

– #theSubjects wishing i’d paused a couple of my e-lists. they’ll be being spammed with ‘out of office’ and i’ll have an email account full of mess to deal with in a week

– #theSubjects stream of consciousness tweeting is so much more fun when humans actually reply. i miss you, twitter-humans!

– #theSubjects absolutely no idea what time (or day) it is, but feeling decidedly wobbly. the tests are getting harder and my brain is getting sillier

– #theSubjects keep thinking i hear my phone alarm going off. am i being haunted?!

– #theSubjects oh bugger. took a bunch of low-light DSLR photos of our space but this machine won’t read my SDcard. stupid windows…

– #theSubjects oooo, the cables have been prepped! sleep is a-comin! goodnight, fair tweeps. see you on the, um, later x

Fee Plumley

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