The Subjects at Adelaide Writers Week

After a week inside the CQU Appleton Institute, we’ve released The Subjects into the real world. They blinked in the sunlight, ate some chocolate and then scurried away and back to their real lives – or did they? You can find out how The Subjects have been readjusting to daylight and normal hours at their panel discussion at Adelaide Writers Week.

Professor Drew Dawson, Director of the CQU Appleton Institute, joins The Subjects to talk about  ANAT’s fascinating week-long experiment into the impact an extreme environment and sleep deprivation has on creativity.

When:     1.15pm Wednesday 6 March 2013 

Where:   West Stage, Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, Adelaide

Highlights from this session will be tweeted live by SA’s prolific arts and cultural tweeters.  Search for #AdlWW on Twitter to follow the conversation.

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