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I didn’t really know what to expect before going in. Even asking questions they didn’t give me any responses which I think was good in some ways because it makes it a more unique situation if you don’t know the outcomes or process. And I guess that helps to create the unknown of the experiment in its participants. Launched into it, we walked into a dim light room and confined space and that was pretty discombobulating thinking that was going to be my home for a week and with the people I had just met. I was definitely wondering if we would get along and that would have changed the experiment for me, by either making it harder or easier. And I think within an artist’s life, one has to go to extremes to create or to open up different doorways and to meet different people. Because artists need different experiences and restraints to help create. And this is why I put my hand up to do it and this is an extension of my live performance stuff and collaboration points with different mediums; artists, dancers, choreographers, photographers.

Thom Buchanan

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