Days 1 – 3 :: Thom :: Life is a Dream

Dreams are prepared, captivated senses of commercials- life is a dream ..TB

Start of exploration in shapes, letters and numbers.
I’ve always been intrigued by their functions and how they combine.
This was my first day, trying to encapsulate this thing we are in – removed and isolated.
How could I explain through semiotics?

Then drew this gem by using the negative shape from the letters. I think it talks about inward and outward reflection.

I was the first lucky one to stay up and push my own human physicality with sleep deprivation and this is what I created.
It was a little dark and confusing, trying to get my head around this adventure of extreme experience, with all these test on repetition rumbling around my cranium.
It’s amazing how the human body functions under so much duress.

First construction drawing. This is where I started to investigate the idea of being inside and yearning for the horizon.
Still digging for answers. The mark making is a bit frantic. I think it captures how I feel a palpable sense of time.
Which I totally lost as soon as we entered this vortex..

Thom Buchanan

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