Day 4 :: Thom :: Two thumbs up…

Ode to the repetitive testing and the mentality and physicality
of the devices used in our torture


All in the name of science. Two thumbs up…

These building drawings/images are great – I think they speak to me of process instead of finished products. Interlocking rectangles matrix together. With the slippages which doesn’t match it creates a very interesting disjointed image. The other thing I was thinking of was making images, yearning for the outdoors, fresh air and the constant search for the horizon or understanding how I fit into this realm. This place is very contained and my delirium has entered my consciousness. So I am making windows or portholes to the outside world forgotten and familiar.

This is such an interesting experiment – not just the sleep which is hugely interesting but the removal from our(my) normal reality ( technology, phone routine) . I’m so lucky to be here with these amazingly brilliant and beautiful artists.

Portrait of my mindscape gathered memory of time and day spun into now. What an interesting concept. How do we capture this time? By making marks or scribbling and text. For future generations.

A lot of this work is teaching me about how precious time is and how it can bend and slip by – such a poignant thing to grasp.

This picture looks like the remnants of old posters or the decay of washed out residual memories. Reflecting on better times. I also I like it b/c there is just enough information to guide you in but not give you all the answers.

Thom Buchanan

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