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Do you intend to upload work in your usual medium, or are you taking this as an opportunity to experiment artistically (as well as physically, psychologically, emotionally!)?


I brought some work with me, but only as backup – ideally this experience will stimulate some new ways of thinking, particularly in terms of story structure and language. Being under repetitive instruction does something to the meaning of words! I am also interested in what effect the lack of time cues will have on writing narrative. So we shall see what comes.

Jennifer Mills

I’m still re-finding my feet as an artist – especially a solo one – so yes this is definitely an opportunity to experiment artistically. Although of course most of my tools of the trade are banned here! I’m currently developing work that rely on things like arduino electronics, contributions crowdsourced through social media and open source navigation using open street maps, all of which require public spaces or devices with clocks and access to the internet. Since I am in a windowless apartment in ultra-low-light levels without my own computer or gadgets this was always going to be a challenge. But taking the view of ‘limit the artist and you lend him wings’ has always lead me to inspiration. I have no idea what work or ideas will come out of this, but it’s certainly an interesting process trying to find out.

Fee Plumley

I’ll be working in my usual medium, the written word, by inclination and out of necessity. After twenty years of doing pretty much nothing else, that’s all I’m good for!

I might dabble with some haiku, if the mood takes me*, and I’ve spent all of today writing non-fiction, so that’s a variation on what I normally do. My priority is to work on fiction, though, if the right idea hits me.

* Something like this, perhaps:

on camera I
yawn, stretch, sway, clench
ached and pained
by this nowhere hour

Sean Williams

The work I’m going to be creating, is a combination of visual images and words maybe more thoughts.

There is a lot of recurrence and repartition of testing, so within the work I will endeavour to create and investigate these ideas. And set up some restraints. Now I am here..

Thom Buchanan

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