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Given that Writers’ Week is a partner, do you have books with you and if so what are they?


We were invited to bring books, CDs and DVDs. All my media is digital so I couldn’t bring any music or film/TV but I did have a few books in tree format.

I have William Gibson’s Sppok Country, Neil Gaiman’s Smoke & Mirrors, David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest and was given Michael Faber’s Under the Skin the night before I came to the lab. I also have three copies of The Wanderer (the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia’s member magazine) and Build your own Motorhome by John Wickersham which was a Christmas present two years ago from my sister. (the latter make sense when you know about!).

I’ve not had much time/brain to read, though, so I doubt I’ll get through much.

Fee Plumley

I’m reading The Vivisector by Patrick White – an amazing novel about the creative mind which I  have been looking for an opportunity to revisit. It’s suitably mad. The type in my faded old Penguin is a little small so it’s hard to sustain reading it for long in this dim light, but Hurtle’s worth it. I’m also reading Don Paterson’s Orpheus, his version of Rilke, which is perfect haunting company. ‘And all things were her sleep… She slept the world.’ Yeah. That.

Jennifer Mills

I brought in two novels, one magazine, one manuscript to edit, and a bunch of stuff on my memory stick.

The novels are The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge and How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff. The magazine is last week’s edition of New Scientist, a special sleep edition, as it happens. The ms is my novel Twinmaker, coming out in November. The files are everything I’ve ever written. I’m not planning on reading this old stuff, but I do refer to it every now and again. I hate going anywhere without it, like a turtle and its shell.

Jenn very generously brought a copy of her collection The Rest is Weight for us to dip into. I’ve been enjoying that while pacing up and down the corridor.

Sean Williams

I brought in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Brave New World by Aldus Huxley as well as a couple of Juxtapose magazines and art books to use as a source of reference for input in the art work I was creating. But I focused more on music having brought in a stack of CD’s and I didn’t read too much because with all the testing I was too tired and the music was more of an inspiration to me.

Thom Buchanan

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